Below you can see some of my projects, but if you prefer, you can directly visit my page.

Unblocking space

Help Shippy in this short physics-based puzzle game set in space!

Unblocking space was made in roughly two months, a suiting time for my game number two! In this game, I wanted to experiment with puzzle and level design. I also wanted to tell a short story in a completely text-less environment.

It was really fun to design puzzles that worked well with the physics and the controls that I wanted. However, I had to cut the game short so I could focus on new projects to continue learning.

Robot Wars

Looks like another robot apocalypse story. Only this time, you have to defend yourself using the only technology you can trust: old-fashioned house appliances!

This is my first official project, made in Unity in about a month and a half. This started as a way to test my recently acquired Unity abilities. My idea was to take the classic Plants vs zombies and place it in an endless loop where the enemy waves just keep coming, thus reducing the long wait times the original title had.

While I'm reasonably happy with the final result, I want to keep working on it, adding new enemies and features. For the time being, I keep this project as a "demo" and not a full released game.

Design, code, and art by Javier Galego. Music by BeCoon.